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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
tk11/buffer.hpp [code]Direct3D 11 buffer utilities
tk11/callback.hpp [code]Callback type definitions
tk11/clock.hpp [code]Clock utility classes
tk11/d3d.hpp [code]Direct3D 11 Utilities
tk11/doxygen.hpp [code]Additional Doxygen documentation
tk11/exceptions.hpp [code]Tk11 Exceptions and Error Information
tk11/framework.hpp [code]Class tk11::Framework
tk11/input_layout.hpp [code]Direct3D 11 input layout utilities
tk11/shader.hpp [code]Direct3D 11 shader utilities
tk11/state.hpp [code]Class tk11::Framework
tk11/target.hpp [code]Direct3D 11 Render Target Utilities
tk11/texture.hpp [code]Direct3D 11 texture and shader resource view utilities
tk11/time.hpp [code]Time type definitions and utility functions
tk11/tk11.hpp [code]Tk11 main header file
tk11/utils.hpp [code]Utility functions, macros and type definitions
tk11/window.hpp [code]Class tk11::Window
Tk11 Direct3D 11 Toolkit version 0.2 (SourceForge)
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