Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
tk11::D3D11_Depth_Stencil_DescDirect3D 11 Depth/Stencil state description
tk11::D3D11_Depth_Stencil_View_DescDirect3D 11 Depth/stencil view description
tk11::D3D11_Rasterizer_DescDirect3D 11 Rasterizer state description
tk11::D3D11_Texture2D_DescDirect3D 11 2D texture description
tk11::Direct3D_ErrorA Direct3D API function failed
tk11::ExceptionException base class
tk11::Failed_To_Create_WindowFailed to create window
tk11::Failed_To_Register_Window_ClassFailed to register window class
tk11::File_Not_FoundA file was not found
tk11::FrameworkDirect3D Rendering framework
tk11::Framework_ParametersFramework parameters
tk11::Input_Element_Format< T, N >Get input element format for a vector type
tk11::Mapped_SubresourceScoped mapped subresource
tk11::Precision_ClockA clock which measures the current system time
tk11::Register_Raw_Input_FailedFailed to register taw input device
tk11::Render_Target_BindingAutomatic binding of a render target
tk11::Secondary_ClockA secondary clock which is driven by an input clock
tk11::WindowDirect3D Rendering window
tk11::Window_ParametersWindow parameters
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